Ma’ala & the Expedition to PUERTO RICO

 Ma’ala Rises: “Elevate your highness until you return to the place you’re supposed to be,” she says. With hopes and aspirations, she floats against the currents that charges towards her and the ambition within her, lights the fire igniting below the surface; Persevering through conditions despite obstacles.

She lifts her hand, and the heavens surrounds and covers her so she is protected, she is free to let the wind just BE. Her passion sits along the Blue wall that matches her reflection of the water that she sails on, cloning her ambition to reach for the success she’s to capture.

And just like that, she raises her hand and the water rises to greater heights because it too recognizes a Goddess when it sees one.

Photographer-SHAMAYIMModel- Tierra BJan 2015-Puerto Rico_5Photographer-SHAMAYIMModel- Tierra BJan 2015-Puerto Rico_6Photographer-SHAMAYIMModel- Tierra BJan 2015-Puerto Rico_15Photographer-SHAMAYIMModel- Tierra BJan 2015-Puerto RicoPhotographer-SHAMAYIMModel- Tierra BJan 2015-Puerto Rico_7Photographer-SHAMAYIMModel- Tierra BJan 2015-Puerto Rico_22Photographer-SHAMAYIMModel- Tierra BJan 2015-Puerto Rico_12Photographer-SHAMAYIMModel- Tierra BJan 2015-Puerto Rico_21Photographer-SHAMAYIMModel- Tierra BJan 2015-Puerto Rico_13


Model: Tierra Benton

MUA: Beverly Sanchez




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