Dr. Sebi’s Method

Mucus is the cause of every disease. Eliminate the mucus you eliminate the disease. ”  – Dr. Sebi

This Page is all about alkaline foods approved by Dr. Sebi’s findings.  Some may ask, “Who is Dr. Sebi ?”

Dr. Sebi is a pathologist, herbalist, biochemist, and naturalist. He has studied and personally observed herbs in America, Latin America, Africa, and the Caribbean, and has developed a unique approach to healing with herbs that is firmly rooted in over 30 years of practical experience.

What is his Methodology?

Dr. Sebi’s methodology is to rid the body of disease by eliminating mucous from the body. They examine the African approach to disease, which opposes the present Western approach. His research revealed that all manifestation of disease finds it genesis when and where the mucous membrane has been compromised. For example, if there is excess mucous in the bronchial tubes, the disease is Bronchitis; if it is in the lungs, the disease is Pneumonia; in the pancreatic duct, it is Diabetes; in the joints Arthritis.
This is important- and instrumental in our success in reversing pathologies- because disease can only exist in an environment that is acid; thus it is inconsistent to utilize inorganic substances when treating disease because they are of an acid base.

Only consistent use of natural botanical remedies will effectively cleanse and detoxify a diseased body, reversing it to its intended alkaline state.

So we will be breaking the science on natural foods, herbs, grains, nuts, and fruits of the Earth that will be beneficial to the body. All foods will be Dr. Sebi approved foods that heal the cells of the body.

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