The life of a soon to be vegetarian has its days but you know you’re getting close to vegetarian when your palette no longer likes the taste of turkey. 

Finding and creating different meals has always been pretty easy for me but researching the simple things to substitute was a challenge. Playing around with food is all science and measurements. So I kept playing around with the pursuit pancakism. 

My recipe consists of easy ingredients you should already have stored in your pantry. 


1 ripe Banana

1 cup almond milk or light coconut milk

1 tsp vanilla extract

1 cup flour (1/2 c all purpose & 1/2 c rice flour)

1/4 tsp cinnamon 

2 tbls Organic Sugar

2 tbls baking powder

1 tsp salt

Cooking spray to coat skillet


  • Mash ripe banana
  • Add milk and vanilla extract. Stir
  • Sift dry ingredients into liquids
  • Stir all ingredients until batter is smooth. (Batter will be thick)
  • Heat skillet to Med/High
  • Spray cooking oil. Pref. coconut oil
  • Pour batter in skillet. Cook until bubbles form then turn. 


FASHION FRIDAY’S with Hana Nitsche 

She embodies gods grace and her virtue lends a hand to the presence of peace and tranquility. Soft spoken-yet confident in every favor of divinity, She reflects on the past but never allows the quality of her charm to reflect the image she is not.

Her good will is a mere reflection of her self-esteem and elegance is an excretion of poise she possess. Happiness surrounds her like bees amongst its nest, transferring energy inside the home of warmth and comfort.

Her appeal comes off as sensually attractive but her mind is deeper than the lust for known parts pleasing to man. And with just one look, she leaves her counterparts asking for more without speaking one word.

Photographer: Keith Saunders

Model: Hana Nitische

Hair Stylist: Natacha Petit

MUA: 10v beauty

Designer/ Stylist: LADASKA MECHELLE

1st image: Pink top: Sylvio Kovacik

The App to Change Your Life : N+TC (Nike Training Club)

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced fitness enthusiast, Nike has an app that friends are beyond obsessed with including myself. Nike Training Club (N+TC) is an amazing app that’s filled with hundreds of workouts for every fitness levelNike+TC and schedule. Whether you have 15 minutes or 45 minutes, there are workout routines that can fit into anyone’s schedule.

Because my schedule fluctuates daily, I don’t have much time to commit to a full workout plan but this app is perfect for me because it feels like I have my own personal trainer without paying the trainer price tag. I have the ability to finish 15 minutes of cardio, abdominals, arms, glutes, thighs and multiple muscle groups and left with nothing but sweat running down my body.  Nike does not play games!

After you download the app, you are able to select a workout based on your goal and fitness activity. The following options being: GET LEAN, GET TONED, GET STRONG, GET FOCUSED. From there you are taken to a menu with a ton of different workouts geared towards the goal you selected. One of the apps coolest features is that there is audio instruction and videos showing you execution of each move if you are unsure what each movement means. If you don’t have a kick ass audio play-list for your workout [you need to get one], you can always listen to your favorite Pandora station and still hear the interactive trainer as well. How cool is that?

My favorite perk is that it tracks your progress! and you can train any and everywhere like a pro. Every workout is calculated by the minutes and as the minutes add up you get rewards or fuel points!!! So set goals and make them. Just do it and get moving!

Nike TC logo

All Photos courtesy of Nike.com

FASHION FRIDAY’S with Tierra Benton

EARTH takes her crown. Her first thoughts are unknown to man but she knows the goals and challenges that’s set before her, yet she strides with confidence that her ground is fertile, strong, and resilient. All hope is never defeated by the feet that walks against her because the gold chain that holds the many keys to success are swarmed around her bones, embracing the lock that holds everything together in one click.

The metal cuffs that holds her wrists are guards of protection from the many hands that want to dig into her mind. As she protects her frame of minds, she allows them to walk amongst her beings as she will soon guide them to the strength that’s bestowed within her womb. No feathers on earth can shield her from how great and powerful she is, only used to shield the distractions so that they too can focus on the greatness of her existence.

Just think! How powerful you could be if you succumb to your spiritual inner being within the womb of the earth, you too will become the Queen you were seeded to be. Remember, not every seed will survive. Some will fall before they are planted and some will rise, like the plant when the morning sun calls it to awaken, to be fuel for the bees that go back to their home to feed their colony.

Be the earthly warrior you were meant to be. Never be afraid to challenge yourself and others to be the flower they were meant to bloom into because the warrior never quit, he just keeps going with no regrets.

Photographer: Jonne Johnson

Model: Tierra Benton

Designer/Stylist: LADASKA MECHELLE

Jewelry: Raje’ Luna


About a month ago. I bought a box of couscous from Trader Joes. I held on to it until I figured out what and how I wanted to prepare it.

I determined that I should make it like a stir fry.  Being that couscous is a staple for Israeli dishes, I decided to experiment with my box.

I prepared this side dish just as I would make fried rice and this is the results.  

1 cup couscous

2 cups water

1 cinnamon stick

1 bay leaf

2 Tbs olive oil

1/2 red onion sliced

2 Garlic Cloves

1/8 cup walnuts

1/8 cup chopped spinach

1 tsp Himalayan salt

1 handful dried cranberries


Boil couscous as directed on box.

I boiled couscous in water, bay leaf, and a cinnamon stick. Cover.

Drizzle oil in skillet.

Add onion and minced garlic. Cook approximately 1-2 minutes.

Add walnuts. Stir.

Add Chopped spinach. Stir.

Add the couscous with the bay leaf and cinnamon stick. Stir. Approximately 4 minutes.

Season with salt and Black Pepper (optional)

Top with cranberries. Stir. 1 minute.

Vegetarian burritos

Place 1-2 TBLS olive oil on a skillet. Chop Green and Red Bellpeppers and sautee. (approx. 1 minute)
Add 3 roughly chopped radish
Add 1 can of organic Garbanzo beans
add diced tomatoes
add 1/2 can od Black beans
Add the cooked Quinoa to veggie mixture
Stir All ingredients and add salt, pepper, garlic powder, cayenne pepper
Place filling on a tortilla roll and wrap
Roll and place all burritos in a glass pan
Pour chili or enchilada sauce on top
optional cheese if you’re not vegan. Bake on 375 degrees F for approximately 10-12 minutes covered with foil. Top with cilantro and diced tomatoes.

I saw this picture once on a vegan instagram page of a vegan enchilada. I had no clue what was in it, I thought to experiments and make a burrito similar to what I saw but with an old version of a meat style burrito but vegetarian. The result is what you see. My kids loved it. Although, there was no meat, there was a meaty taste.              

FASHION Friday ‘s with Crystal Noreiga

 Her mind is on higher elevation. Reaching and striving for the greatness that’s within her soul. She starts with the emblem that protects her heart.She looks and stares as she knows where she’s going. For the new day has passed and actions speak for her existence.   The outer image of black and white doesn’t change the fact that she will conquer everything in her mind. For the mind is the greatest being to rule.  A sense of confidence reflects her image. You can tell because her eyes, reflection and posture changes.

Photographer: Shamayim


Accessories: Rajé

Model: Crystal Noreiga